Cute as a Bug Petting Zoo Offers Great Family Fun at Great Family Prices!

Available Packages:


This includes the 16x32 covered enclosure. Requires level ground and 2 hour set up and breakdown without public access due to insurance.

Animals: all can be hand fed and some still love to have the bottle.

1 mini horse

1 mini zebu (African cow)

1 mini pot belly pig

1 llama

2 bunnies

5 goats

1 sheep

This is great for Small Fairs, Grand Openings, Block Parties, Festivals, Promotional Events, etc.

The fee is $400. for the first hour then $200. each additional (2 hour minimum). This allows the promoter to advertise free entry to enjoy mingling with the animals and the option to feed them for 25 cents.


This includes a 16x24 pen with partial canopy coverage


1 mini (choice of) horse or zebu

1 mini pot belly pig

2 bunnies

3 goats

This is great for B-day parties, wedding receptions (keeps kids entertained), family gatherings, etc.

The fee is $250 for the first hour and $150 for each additional. This covers entry fees.


Fun for birthday parties to get the young and older involved. We supply the ponies and washable paint; you supply the artists and additional sparkles. Everyone can express their artistic talent on one pony or bring in another so it becomes a pony painting competition. After they are all "dolled" up, you can parade them around the yard (or safe neighborhood) for judging.

1 pony with paints - $175 for the first 1.5 hours - $50 each additional hour

2 ponies with paints - $225 for the first 1.5 hours - $75 each additional hour

Travel - first 15 miles (R/T) free - $0.50 per mile thereafter



Great for promotional events, company parties, grand openings, fairs, etc. Something to be talked about 'around the water cooler' for years to come.

Awesome advertising draw: Want your company name seen? Advertise over a camel. Sponsor them to be at a convention or walk in a parade with your banner draped over the hump, with or without an employeed riding them.

These are just some of the things our camels can do for you.



Option #1:

2 camels, 1 donkey, 1 mini cow, 1 sheep, 3 goats, and 2 handlers dressed in proper attire.

2 hour minimum - $500 first hour - each additional hour $300

Option #2:

2 camels, 2 handlers dressed in proper attire.

2 hour minimum - $400 - each additional hour $200

Travel fee dependent upon distance and gas prices at that time.

Note: Fees do not include fuel surcharges. Our policy allows the first fifteen miles at no additional charge. Anything exceeding that will be charged $0.50 per mile, based on a roundtrip from the 83801 zip code.

Lady Petting Goats within the Safe Enclosure

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