Male Llama
Born 11-11-12

He thinks everyone is going to pet his face so he has remained shy but is getting better.

Because of this he still hasn’t figured out that grain is a tasty treat. And yes, lately we have been trying to get him to focus on his poor grooming habits. But besides that, he has wonderful table manners and doesn’t spit.


Single Hump Dromedary Camel

Our best camel for the little kids. She's our Steady Eddy in the camel ride circle and a carrot eating machine. When not working she just lounges around, gossips, and sips tea.


The Rock
Male Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Born 07-30-08

Female Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Born 07-29-08

Cotton and The Rock are half sister/brother. Both were bottle raised so they think they should be in your lap as soon as you sit on the ground. They are just kids that never want to leave home.

Cotton, unlike her brother, is very dainty and has great manners until it comes to the food. She is very knowledgable about the feeding machines and goes from a deer to a tiger in 0.2 seconds when people put that quarter in. She can take down even the biggest!

Rock does not know he's the littlest guy in the 'goat gang'. Most times, he thinks he is the leader of the pack and is head butting everyone around.

Female Boer/Nubian/Nigerian Dwarf Cross
Born 06-18-08

The crazy sister but still annoyed easily by brother Squiggy.

She thinks she looks like a big black and white cow.  She tends to be very pushy.

Lil' Peanut
Female Nigerian Dwarf
Born 12-01-09

She was born in the Midwest but decided to come to Idaho to join our mini zoo. Her little stubby legs will always keep her the smallest of the gang.

Lil' Man
Male Boer/Nubian/ Cross
Born 06-10-12

A Montana native that traveled to play in our zoo.

Male Boer/Nubian/Nigerian Dwarf Cross
Born 06-18-08

He is the runt but always ready to rough up and annoy his sister to play.

Mini Donkey

Emmy Lou Harry
Mini Donkey
Born 10-29-06

Mini Horse

Miss Rosa
Mini Horse Mare
Born 06-01-86

Rosa is the Grandma of the gang, very easy going and is happy with any of the jobs we give her.

Rosa's gentle demeanor makes her an excellent pick for any package, whether it be standing calm and sweet for great photos, just hanging around being hand-fed in the zoo, or falling asleep when at a 'pony painting party'.

She excells at anything we ask of her except being tied.  At her age we accept those tantrums and awe at the holes she can dig with such mini power.

Mini Horse

Mini Horse
Born 05-10-06

This little man thinks he is an 80's rock star with all his wild hair!  When not being hand-fed in the zoo, he is usually prancing around trying to get the attention of Miss Rosa.

Mini Zebu African Cattle

Male Mini Zebu African Cattle
Born 5-5-07

We are still unsure if Esteban is a SLOW learner or just very SLOW. He has quick reflexes but sometimes those run him right into the wall.

He is a VERY sweet natured little guy and often we put him on a leash and make him suffer through kids giving him cow candy. He pretends not to enjoy it while he eats it up with drool coming out both sides of his mouth.

Potbelly Pig

Bob The Tomatoe
Female Pot Bellied Pig
Born 06-10-10

Bob is a strange duck. She slowly wanders our property CONSTANTLY singing her high pitch squeal. She will try to find someone to follow and annoy with this antic. Sometimes if you put cream cheese on your lips and kiss her, she is quiet for a while.


Penske (big guy) & His Amigo (little guy)
Sulcata Tortoises
Born 08-26-06

These two are brothers that were brought here from Arizona. They will grow to be close to 100 lbs. and live to be close to 100 years old. They can be shy, so they ask you don't pick them up or poke their faces.

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